Friday, December 24, 2010

Beauty Spot: Japan style at Terra by Afloat

Nadine Kam photos
Terra by Afloat owner Ayako Hombo, left, with hairstylist Hide Shibata.

The new Japanese-style hair salon Terra by Afloat opened its doors Dec. 1, and hosted a grand opening party Dec. 20, with a trio of 5-minute hair demonstrations that included a long cut, an updo and frothy curls with no perm.

Afloat is a popular beauty salon chain throughout Japan, noted for its association with numerous Japanese celebrities and JPop group such as News, Kat-tun and Kanjani 8.

Terra by Afloat owner Ayako Hombo said she'd been traveling to Hawaii for four years and noticed a number of boutiques and restaurants catering to individuals from Japan, and she thought what was missing were salons.

"My friend said he was having a difficult time choosing a salon," she said. "He said he was scared to try a local salon."

The new salon will focus on haircuts, color, Japanese straight perms, eyelash extensions, and a room upstairs makes it possible to to feature esthetic services such as facials, lymph drainage, lomilomi and hot stone massage services.

Hombo said one difference between American and Japanese salons is that many American salons use only a few chemical systems for perms and color, but Japan salons feature a larger array to accommodate many different types of hair.

The new salon is at 560 Pensacola St., between Kapiolani Boulevard and Waimanu Street. Call 596-2386 or visit

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After the hair demo, stylist Keiji Ogikubo hammed it up with his model Emily Aoyama.

From left are models Aoyama, Calla Camero and Kim Long.

Pupu were presented on the stylists' tool carts.

Hide Shibata's tool arsenal included a Spider-Man pen.

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